Atlanta Playball is located in elementary schools, preschools, daycare centers, community centers, after-school programs, and other locations. To see if we serve your area, please click here. To inquire about starting a Playball program at your location, please click here.   

where is pla​yball?

Playball is a unique program for children that uses sports as the means to build competence in all aspects of their lives including the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical.  While Playball students learn the foundational skills needed for ​all major American sports, the program is unlike any other, and here's why:


what is PLAYBALL?


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Learn, Practice,'s the Playball Way!

For additional information please contact Atlanta Playball at or 404.312.0999.  

  •  ​Our program is regularly updated by experts in the field of youth        sports and fitness.

  •  Classes are age appropriate and progressive.

  •  Coaches work from prepared lesson plans that vary each week.  

  •  Classes are sized to easily monitor development and progression.

  •  The program is non-competitive so no child ever feels pressured.  

  •  Classes are paced to keep the kids active from start to finish.  

  •  We use creative imagery to help even the youngest children understand  instruction and participate meaningfully.